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Patios offer homeowners a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to sit in the middle of their yards. However, it is important to make sure that your patio has a drainage system in place so that water is flushed away from your patio and does not become stagnant or flooded in the event of a rain storm.


Water drainage systems should be a priority for those who have hardscaped patios. The drainage systems ideal for this type of patio usually consist of piping materials that run beneath the hardscaped area and along the patio's flooring. The drainage system provides a way to remove water that has accumulated as a result of snow or rainfall.


There are a couple of different types of patio drainage systems available. The first one is a grate system, which consists of an underground piping system. The grate is placed on the edges of the patio, and the water will flow to the grate and then flow down through the grate and into pipes that are located beneath the patio. The second system is the piping system. Gutters are placed around the patio, and water flows to the gutters, then through the gutters and into a piping system that carries it to the gutters located on the street that you live on.


Your water drainage system can usually be hooked up to the irrigation system you use for landscaping. If you have proper filtration and a flow meter, you can usually reuse the water that is piped off your patio. Having proper patio drainage will also keep mosquitoes at bay in the summer when it rains. The system will drain the water away from the patio so that it does not pool and become stagnant. Stagnant pools of water are breeding ground havens for mosquitoes, which can carry diseases.


Installing a patio drainage system can be labor-intensive. Unless you have experience in do-it-yourself home projects, then your best bet is to call a professional and have him install it. If you have it professionally installed, you will most likely get a guarantee from the installer on his work, which means if anything goes wrong with the drainage system, the installer should fix it at not additional cost to you. Some systems also come with a warranty on certain parts.


Not having a patio drainage system installed can not only result in damage to your deck or patio by way of warping and rotting wood but also cause damage to your landscape and yard. If the water has nowhere to go when it rains or snows, it will seep off of your patio and straight into your yard, where it can become a muddy mess, even if you have lawn already in place.

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