Glass Deck Railing Assembly Guide


Glass deck railings are a modern, stylish and unique way of installing railings around your deck. There are specific things to pay attention to when installing these glass deck railings, including what types of glass you are installing, how thick and far apart each section of glass is and how it is secured on the deck itself.

Types of Glass for Railings

All glass railings must use shatter-resistant glass, much like the glass used in most modern automobiles, so that if someone is leaning against it or accidentally kicks it, it will not shatter and hurt the person seriously. This also means the glass in the railings is usually thick and heavy, so that it is more difficult to break in the first place. The edges of each panel of glass railing should be smooth and polished, so people who touch it do not accidentally cut themselves.

Cost of Glass

Thick, shatterproof glass is rather expensive so installing a glass railing will cost more money than other deck railings. The cost of this type of glass varies, but is usually around $40 per lineal foot. However glass fluctuates in price and, if you have a view off your deck which is truly worth preserving, a glass railing is worth the expense.

Installing on the Deck

Installing this heavy glass railing on the deck must be done in sections because the glass is so heavy. Space each new section about every 5 feet. The glass sections can be lined and supported with wood or metal. Wood will need channels on all sides to support the glass so that it doesn't slip out in the event of bad weather or someone bumping into it. The wood should also be thick and sturdy and match the deck. If the deck is cement, metal may be a better option in terms of style. An aluminum frame with channels can be built around each section in the same way as the wood rail frames. With some finely designed glass railings there is no frame, only glass, with steel supports holding the glass railing up from the bottom.

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