Low Platform Deck Ideas

Low platform decks are great to add onto the back or side of a house where the door is low to the ground. They can extend the house to an outdoor living space by opening the doors. A low deck is also perfect for the corner of a backyard when attaching a deck to the house is not possible. The deck will add to the landscaping detail of the backyard while adding a sturdy space for a table and chairs.

Detached Deck

A low platform deck detached from the house is a great way to define part of the yard for seating or dining area. Surround the perimeter of the deck with shrubbery and flower gardens, leaving a space for steps. The deck will be low enough that a railing is not needed. The landscaping will create a visual perimeter for the deck and will visually tie the deck into the rest of the yard. Decks that are not attached to the house work well in the corner of a yard. Create a path to the deck from the house with stepping-stones or a brick pathway.


Seating for a deck is important so you can enjoy the space you have created. Benches can be built around the edges of the deck. The benches will add additional seating and secure the edges of the deck for young children. Box-style benches with hinged lids can also serve as storage containers. The box-style benches can be built with planters on either side of each bench. Plants in the planters will add a color to the deck and soften the rigid appearance of the benches. In addition to the benches, consider adding and outdoor sofa or large chairs instead of a table and chairs. This will create a lounge-like setting for your deck.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains add privacy and an exotic look to a platform deck. To add curtains you will need to have posts built at the corners of the deck. Add beams across the top of the posts to hang the curtains. The curtains will add color to the deck and can be closed if privacy is desired. The beams and posts will allow you to hang lights and other decorations over the deck. Having the curtains that can be closed will make the deck more like an additional room than a traditional deck design.

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