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Tile patios add design interest and value to your home. You can create your own tile patio with cobblestone pavers, slate and snapping hardwood tiles for an outdoor living area that's attractive, affordable and that you can enjoy for years.

Cobblestone Pavers

Cobblestone pavers are one option you can select for tiling your patio. You can lay cobblestone pavers without mixing mortar or using any type of adhesive. Cobblestone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can get creative with your patio floor design. To lay cobblestone pavers, excavate and level the patio area, removing any stones, roots or other debris. Remember to allow for a 1/4-inch slope for every square foot of cobblestone patio you lay so that water will not collect on the surface of your patio. Add a layer of crushed stone and compact it tightly for a level surface that follows the planned slope. The next layer you'll need is coarse sand, which also needs to be compacted. The cobblestones fit on top of the compacted stone and sand in any type of pattern that you like. Sweep polymeric sand between the cobblestones to create an easy mortar that connects the stones together. Make sure to remove all of the sand from the pavers before you wet it. The polymeric sand will become as hard as concrete after you wet it lightly and let it dry three times.

Snapping Patio Tiles

Resurface your existing concrete patio floor with snapping patio tiles that you can install in a matter of hours with no special skills or tools. Snapping patio tiles are made with slats of hardwood joined together over a plastic base that elevates the tiles, keeping them from touching the ground. This allows for drainage and lets you connect the tiles together with connection points made into the plastic. You can create a pattern with the tiles for an interesting patio design. You can also remedy damaged tiles easily by simply removing and replacing the square.


Natural slate is a distinctive tile choice for your patio, but you should be selective about the grade of slate you choose. Some slate tiles will flake off and you'll have thinner tile over time than you might like. The flaking aspect can also be messy, depending on how extensive it is. Purchase high-quality slate tiles for your patio project, and you should not have a problem. Quality slate is a popular option for patios, as it has a naturally slip-resistant surface. Install your slate tiles with mortar directly on top of a firm substrate such as concrete or plywood. Layer a thin covering of mortar and press the slate tiles into it, leaving 5/8 inch between the tiles. Grout the spaces between the slate tiles with grout that's approved for exterior use.

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