Creative Porch Roof Ideas

Extending the home's roof line with a porch roof requires considering how to prevent leakage between the home and the porch. Consulting a professional roofer results in ascertaining what type of connecting materials will secure the porch roof. Tin, asphalt and cedar shingles available in a variety of colors create great roofs for the contemporary or traditional porch design.

Tin Shingles

Tin shingles present a beautiful and creative porch roof covering. Metal manufacturers create metal shingles out of raised designs. For example, a raised pattern of a leaf in a single color like rust, red, ochre, brown or dark green provides a natural look for the porch roof. Manufactured tin shingles also provide resistance to natural elements. Consult with a roofing expert to discover if the porch roof structure will sustain the weight of tin shingles in the desired thickness and weight.

Tabbed Asphalt Shingles

The standard shingle solution for porch roofs that match the home's roof are 3 tab asphalt shingles. If the home's roof shingles were installed in a color no longer available, the roofing contractor must choose the closest asphalt shingle tile to match. Re-roofing the home and porch roofs in the same new color of asphalt offers another option, but with a higher cost. Re-shingling the roof provides greater protection for older homes against rain, snow, dirt, moisture and other problems. a homeowner concerned about the long-term durability of the roof investigates pressure washing and other treatments that preserve shingles for many years.

Cedar Shingles

In the Northeast, cedar shingles remind homeowners of a bygone era. Picture clapboard homes on the Boston shore or Long Island that survived decades of wind and water damage. Vintage Woodworks offers a brilliant photo example of the natural beauty of Shakertown red cedar shingles. This product consists of 100 percent knot-free, straight-grained heartwood. An alternative to a natural red or brown shingle is a darker gray or black shingle. Dark shingles contrast nicely with white or cream home exteriors (such as vinyl-sided homes) and show less evidence of stains from dirt and grime.

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