How to Install Steel Fence Posts


Steel fence posts work with a variety of fencing options. They can be used for chain-link fences, framed with wood for sturdy wooden fences or for simple wire fences. Whatever type of fence you're using them with, steel fence post installation isn't complicated if you have the right tools and a little know-how.

Step 1

Dig a hole approximately 3 feet across and 2 feet deep, using the post hole digger and a shovel. The standard rule is that 1/3 of the post should be in the ground.

Step 2

Spray rust inhibiter around the section of steel fence post that will be below ground level.

Step 3

Place the steel fence post in the hole. Measure the length of the post with the measuring tape to ensure that it is consistent with the height of other fence posts. Add or remove soil to raise or lower the post. Install the terminal, or corner, posts first when installing steel posts for chain-link fences. Run a line on one side of the terminal posts. Align the side of the line posts to touch the line from one side of the terminal posts so the fence will not be wavy.

Step 4

Fill the hole with 6 inches of gravel around the fence posts. If installing line posts for chain-link fences, fill the rest of the hole with soil and compact with the flat edge of a sledgehammer by dropping the sledgehammer repeatedly on the loose soil around the post. Add the soil in 2- to 3-inch layers and use a level to ensure the posts are plumb between each layer.

Step 5

Mix concrete with water in a wheelbarrow. Mix thoroughly with a shovel.

Step 6

Shovel the concrete into the hole around the steel fence. Work the concrete mix into the gravel with the blade of the shovel.

Step 7

Place a level on the side of the fence post and check that the post is plumb. Rotate the level around the steel fence post to be sure it is plumb on each side.

Step 8

Brace the steel fence post in position or hold until the concrete has begun to set and will hold the fence post without assistance.

Tips and Warnings

  • Read and follow safety precautions printed on the labels of the rust inhibiter and concrete mix.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Sledgehammer
  • Rust inhibiter
  • Tape measure
  • Gravel
  • Concrete mix
  • Water
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Level


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