DIY: Ornamental Driveway Gates


No landscaping that includes a fence would be complete without ornamental gates, particularly opening up at a driveway. Often a driveway gate is the first thing seen from the street and the first impression must be a favorable one so that the rest of the landscaping will be noticed. Ornamental driveways can be made from materials such as wood or metal.

Wooden Ornamental Driveway Gates

Many ready-made products are available on the market that can be used to make a decorative driveway gate. The same latticework found on porches and decks can be used at the top of a driveway gate to add decoration. If you have a plain wooden gate at the driveway, cut pieces of lattice and install with wood screws along the top of the gate. Use the existing wood frame of the driveway gate and remove whatever is being used in the center. Replace it with decorative ready-made table legs. Premade table legs come in all sizes and shapes. Install the legs from 1 to 2 feet apart, depending on how wide the driveway is. Whether you use bolts or screws to fasten the legs to the frame will depend on how thick the frame is and what size legs you are using. If the frame is only 1 to 2 inches thick, use wood screws. Line the legs up with the top of the frame and place a piece of lumber the width of the frame and the legs to cover the top of the legs. If you live in a country setting, use wood screws to fasten wooden wagon wheels to a plain driveway gate. Use a router to cut many different shapes from scrap lumber you may have lying around the house. If you live in the city, cut out a silhouette of a city's skyline, paint it black and use wood screws to fasten it to a wooden driveway gate.

Metal Ornamental Driveway Gates

Metal or iron wheels can sometimes be found in antique stores, auctions and online. For a country or ranch setting, metal wagon wheels can be attached to a metal gate by using bolts. For a small driveway, and for something more unusual, replace the existing gate or install a new gate by drilling holes on one side of each wheel. Attach hinges and install each wheel on a post on either side of the driveway. Put a latch in the middle and use the wheels themselves for the gate. For wider driveways, use three wheels by bolting two wheels to either side of one in the center. Horseshoes are often used as decorative pieces in many western settings. Use horseshoes to cover hinges. Use them as latches by placing one on either side of the opening in the gate, with the closed side of each horseshoe facing toward the opening. Use a padlock to fasten them together.

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