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Chain link fences have been around since the mid-nineteenth century, according to Jeff Beneke, author of "The Fence Bible." Chain link fences are made of a meshed-style metal material. They are sturdy, long-lasting and inexpensive. Chain link fences are used to secure backyards, tennis courts and swimming pools and provide safety for various animals. One drawback about chain link fences is that they can be eyesores. It takes creativity to make chain link fences look attractive and provide privacy for homeowners. The task of covering chain link fences can be labor-intensive but worth the efforts.

Step 1

Plant vine flowers, shrub and bushes. There are several types of vines; however, planting climbing flowery vines such as sweet peas and clematis will bring life and color to your mundane-looking chain link fence. Climbing vines are useful because they help provide a sense of privacy and yet embellish your fence. Planting shrubs and bushes can also cover and embellish your fence. Depending on the height of the fence, shrubs and bushes can be trimmed to fit the length of a chain link fence.

Step 2

Install bamboo rolls. Purchase a bamboo roll and attach it to the chain link fence with a galvanized wire and twist the end to fasten it to the fence. The good thing about a bamboo roll is that it easily attaches to the chain link and it is fairly inexpensive. The standard height for most chain link fences is 4 feet. The price range for bamboo is between $30 to $120 per roll, depending on the dimensions.

Step 3

Use various types of slats to cover your chain link fence. One such option is Dura Hedge, a vinyl evergreen material that blends easily with the natural greenery around your backyard. Aluminum and Litelink privacy slats are also options to cover your chain link fence. They are vertical plastic tubes that come in various colors and can be weaved into the metal mesh of the chain link fences. Depending on the height of the chain link fence, the slats cost from $18 to $86. Installing the slats requires no tools, and they can easily be inserted inside the mesh of the fence.

Things You'll Need

  • Vines
  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Bushes
  • Bamboo rolls
  • Slats


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