Easy Garden Fence Plans


Fences can serve multiple purposes in a garden, from separating crops from flowers to isolating areas of your yard. Garden fences also provide a further opportunity to enhance the look of your garden and lawn with any number of different fence designs or colors. Then again, some of us are just looking for something simple to get the job done.

Vertical Slats

Among classic and uncomplicated fence design, the simple vertical-slat fence is easily the most common. Simple vertical slats are supported by two or more horizontal support beams across the length of the fence and a series of regularly spaced vertical beams. Slats can be continuous or spaced depending on needs of budget or your desired level of privacy. Different components of the fence can be made of different materials including wood, metal, and even plastics. Wood is probably the easiest material to build fences from; it can be easily treated for weather concerns, many grades and qualities are available to match any budget, and in the event that the fence breaks down, it can be easily replaced. A slat fence is most easily made in sections. You can create sections by planning section lengths that contain an even number of whole slats. Start with the horizontal supports, add the two end slats, and fill the slats in between. Space and install the posts to match the length of the sections and attach the slat sections on the out facing side of the posts.

Chicken Wire

A second and perhaps easier option is the use of chicken wire fence. Small garden fences for keeping out smaller critters and propping up vines and vegetables don't generally need to be very tall or rigid. The chicken wire creates a barrier that keeps out animals without affecting the visibility of the garden. Chicken wire is also flexible and is sold in long rolls so it will require minimal cutting. Chicken wire only requires nylon binding strips and supports to keep the chicken wire upright around the garden. Properly rooted wood slats and iron or steel-wrought sign posts will work very well as supports. Evenly space the supports around the garden and roll the fence around the perimeter, tying the chicken wire to the supports with the nylon strips.

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