How to Build a Wood Fence with Metal Poles


Building a wood fence with metal poles requires a similar technique to installing wood fence on wood posts. The major exception is the method of attaching wood fencing to the metal poles. Typically wood fence is mounted on wood poles by driving fasteners through the face of the fence into the posts. Brackets are the usual method for attaching fencing to metal poles. These brackets will be attached using 1-inch lag bolts.

Setting Posts

Step 1

Lay out the line of your fence using wood stakes and mason's line. Drive one stake into each corner position of your proposed fence. Tie a piece of mason's line between the stakes snugly.

Step 2

Mark pole positions every 8 feet along the mason's twine. Start from one end and wrap a piece of tape around the mason's line every 8 feet.

Step 3

Mark the ground directly below each taped mark using colored chalk line chalk. Dig a posthole in each marked position. Your holes should be 10 to 12 inches across and one-third as deep as the above-ground height of your poles. For a typical 6-foot stockade fence, holes should be 2 feet deep.

Step 4

Set a pole in each hole. Add ½ of an 80-pound bag of concrete mix into each hole.

Installing Fence Panels

Step 1

Set one wood fence panel between the first two poles. For this example, we will assume a standard stockade fence panel 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Set an extra picket underneath the bottom of the fence panel to space it off of the ground.

Step 2

Attach the first pole to the rails of the fence panel. Attach a U-shaped pole bracket to the pole at the height of the fence panel rail using a self-tapping 1-inch sheet metal screw. Attach the fence panel rail to the bracket with two 1 ¼ treated deck screws. Use one bracket for each horizontal rail on the fence panels.

Step 3

Attach the panel to the second pole using one U-shaped bracket for each rail of the fence panel. Attach to the pole and fence panel rail as for first panel.

Step 4

Add water to the first two post holes, and mix in the hole using a scrap of lumber. Use a level to adjust the fence to plumb. Add dirt to fill the remainder of the first two holes, and pack it tight to hold the fence in place until the concrete dries.

Step 5

Add the next panel in the same manner. Adjust the third pole to line up perfectly with the end of the panel and attach. Add the water to the concrete mix, and pack the dirt into the hole. Repeat the process with each panel in your fence line. Adjust each pole as you come to it to make each panel a perfect fit.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden stakes
  • Mason's line
  • Tape
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line chalk
  • Posthole digger
  • Metal posts
  • Concrete mix
  • Fence panels
  • Post brackets
  • Drill
  • Self-tapping sheet metal screws, 1 inch long
  • Treated deck screws, 1 1/4 inches long


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