Privacy Lattice Panel Ideas

If you wish there were more privacy in your front or backyard, a lattice panel fence may be the solution. A lattice panel may be constructed in a variety of ways, from building a gazebo to adding a decorative touch to a fence or deck. You may also use a lattice panel as a trellis for climbing plants such as ivy or clematis.

Panel Around the Pool

Sectioning off the pool from the view of surrounding neighbors will not only keep your backyard more private, but also create a relaxing getaway in the backyard. Surround the pool with lattice panels along its length, leaving an open area for access to the pool. The most suitable style lattice for this design is the closer-weaved privacy design, which allows only minimal view. Or use the standard lattice panels. Add to the décor by planting vines and tropical plants within the enclosed portion of the lattice.

Fence Enhancement

If you have an existing wood fence in the yard but don't feel that it offers enough privacy, add more height by installing lattice panels to the top of the fence. Fasten the lattice panel to the top of the fence with galvanized fasteners, which will last years without rusting. A lattice enhancement to the fence will improve the look of the yard.


If you like the idea of privacy but not the thought of being encompassed by solid wood paneling, use a lattice panel as a trellis for a climbing plant such as ivy. Build the lattice panel across the front yard to block the view from the street, and plant several ivy or flowering vine plants next to it. Once the vine has overtaken the lattice panel, you will essentially have a plantlike wall filled with greenery and flowers.

Patio Privacy

If you have a patio in the backyard, create privacy around the area by installing lattice panel fencing around the perimeters of the cement foundation that serves as your patio. Fencing in the patio will allow you to entertain guests more intimately, especially if you have an open backyard or minimal fencing. Using a lattice panel around the patio will offer the illusion of an outdoor room, which may be used year-round. Complete the look by adding patio furniture, and think about adding an above-ground fire pit in a copper fire bowl to make entertaining in the evening comfortable and luxurious.

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