When Should Crocosmia Bulbs Be Planted?


Crocosmia are beautiful flowering plants that are quite hardy and can survive the winter by receding into bulbs underneath the ground. How and when you plant your crocosmia will have a significant impact on the longevity and health of your crocsmia.

About the Crocosmia

Crocosmia tend to have red, yellow-orange, and orange-colored flowers that flower in groups along tall plant shoots that can reach 3 to 4 feet in height. They are vibrant flowers that emerge from a bulb buried beneath the ground. The flower is native to South America and will recede into the bulb during the winter months. It is a hardy plant that can survive winters that reach minus 10 to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit in zones of 5 or 6.

When to Plant

Crocosmia plants are grown from bulbs or corms, which are short swollen plant stems that live beneath the ground. According to Gardenersnet.com, the best time of the year to plant the corm is in the early fall. This will ensure that the plant is properly rooted in the ground prior to the winter months, providing for a full bloom in the spring. Additionally, you can obtain crocosmia seeds and germinate the seeds in a seed tray. You should plant the small seedlings in late spring. Wait a few years, and in the early fall you can dig up the corms and spread them throughout your garden to allow for more plant growth.

How to Plant

Locate an area that has full sun. Provide an earth site that has loose garden soil that will allow for proper drainage. Adding sand to the soil will help with irrigating the soil and creating drainage. If you started with a corm or bulb, then make sure to plant it about 2 to 3 inches deep, separating each corm by about 10 inches. If you decide to plant the crocosmia in a container, make sure that the pot has a drainage hole. Over saturating the plant with water will certainly cause it to perish. Once planted, you should water the soil generously; there will be established roots and stem growth within a few weeks. In the early spring the plant will bloom, once flowering ends do not trim the plant. Allow the plant to gather additional sunlight for energy when it recedes and "hibernates," during the upcoming winter months. After the plant has fully receded, you can cut the plant down to ground level in the early fall.

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