What Does a Freesia Bulb Look Like?


Bulbs, which house dormant plants, are much larger than seeds. Although most bulbs are shaped like a large chocolate chip, bulbs can vary greatly in size and color.


Freesia bulbs are shaped like a tall chocolate chip with a slightly round bottom. Freesia bulbs are a light brown color and look slightly hairy, like a coconut. See Garden Express in Resources below for a comparison picture of different bulbs.


There are 14 species of the Freesia plant that vary in bloom size and color.


If you have dug up the bulb from the ground, wash off soil and allow to air-dry. Store freesia bulbs in a cool, dry place.


Plant the freesia in a hole about twice the depth of its height. Planting too close to the soil may cause it to freeze during the cold winter months; planting too deep may cause the plant to struggle to the surface.


Freesias bulbs are more specifically called "corms," which differ from true bulbs in that corms store the food for the plant in the basal plate rather than in the meaty scales, according to the International Bulb Society.


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