How Deep Should I Plant Perennial Lily Bulbs?


A selection of perennial lilies bring colorful life to the garden. With hybrids such as the vibrant Corina or the delicate, speckled Sterling Star, you can create a floral masterpiece that will return year after year. In order to grow thriving lilies, you'll need to provide optimal growing conditions, and start by planting your lily bulbs at the proper depth.

Digging the Hole

Lily bulbs need to be planted 4 to 8 inches deep, in a sunny, well-draining area. The precise depth depends on the size of the bulb; follow the directions sent with your bulb order. If the soil is not optimal, you can amend it with sand and compost to improve drainage.

Planting Lily Bulbs

Lily bulbs should be placed in the hole with their roots at the bottom and pointed scales at the top. The lily bulb resembles a garlic bulb in appearance, with the scales looking like garlic cloves.

Finishing the Planting

Once you set the lily bulb at the proper depth, cover with soil and water once. Lilies cannot tolerate frequent watering, so allow them to start growing, then water once or twice per week, allowing the area to dry before watering again.

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