How Deep to Plant Bulbs


Spring bulbs, planted in the previous fall for best results, give us the first bright garden spots of the season. You can plant bulbs directly into the soil or in pots for bright spots on decks and porches. Following certain rules about planting flower bulbs ensures success.

Basic Rule

The basic rule about how deep to plant flower bulbs is that they should be placed at a depth of between 2 and 2½ times the size of the bulb. Because flower bulbs come in many varieties with many different sizes, the depth varies. However, remembering this one rule makes it easy to plant many different bulbs at the correct depth.

Other Rules

Although, it is important to plant your flower bulbs at the proper level, there are additional rules that must be followed to end up with a beautiful spring landscape of flowers grown from bulbs. You must remember to face the pointed end of the bulb upwards. Your bulbs will not grow and bloom, if they are planted upside down. If during a bulb happens to land sideways during the planting process, most often, it will work its way up to an upright position. Don't plant your bulbs too close together. Always follow package directions, as varieties of bulbs vary in the spacing required. Finally, don't plant bulbs in soil that has too much clay. They prefer a well drained soil. That means digging up the growing area and adding peat moss or compost before planting the bulbs if you have a clay soil. If you squeeze a handful of your garden soil and it stays clumped, amend it before planting spring bulbs.

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