When to Plant an Oxblood Lily?


The oxblood lily, Rhodophiala bifida, is a beautiful plant that is generally grown in states such as Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Mexico, Arkansas and Alabama; however, it is native to Argentina in South America. Oxblood lilies generally bloom near the beginning of September in most locations which gives them the nickname of the schoolhouse lily due to blooming when schooling begins. You can easily grow oxblood lily plants with the proper planting time, suitable planting locations and appropriate care.

Time of Year for Planting

The oxblood lily plant is never grown from seeds and only grown from bulbs. Plant in the fall season so that your oxblood lily bulbs will blossom the following year. Choose your planting time in late September or October when weather conditions are much more mild compared to the summer season. Oxblood lily bulbs need to hibernate for the winter and early spring season before growing.

Selecting Locations

The oxblood lily plant can grow anywhere from 11 to 16 inches tall. Select locations for your oxblood lily bulbs where grown plants will not interfere with others. Choose the back of your flowerbeds or use them for a border. Insure that any locations that you wish to plant your oxblood lily bulbs are either in full or partial sun. Oxblood lilies should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sun daily. Check your prospective locations a couple times a week before planting to get an idea on how much sunlight each site receives daily. Oxblood lilies thrive in just about every type of condition except very wet soil; however, for maximum plant health you should make sure ground conditions are slightly acid to mild alkaline. Buy a soil pH kit and follow the instructions per the directions on the packaging for testing the soil conditions of your selected plant site(s). Assure that the pH dirt conditions are between 6.1 to 7.8.


Gather a small gardening shovel, a small bag of top soil and your bulbs. Dig the depth of your holes 3 times the length of your oxblood lily bulbs. Space each oxblood lily plant location at least 8 to 13 inches apart from each other, as well as other plant species. Place each oxblood lily bulb with the tip up. Cover with top soil and gently pat down.

Additional Care

Check your soil conditions weekly to ensure that your oxblood lily plants maintain good health through out the months of May through the end of September. Lightly touch the dirt around your plants and make sure that it feels damp. Feed your plants by watering the soil but do not allow the dirt to become soggy. Buy and apply a 5-10-10 fertilizer in the beginning of August to your Oxblood lilies. Follow the instructions on the plant fertilizer for proper dosage for you oxblood lily plants.

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