How to Use a Tupperware Jel-Ring Mold


A Tupperware™ Jel-Ring Mold is a versatile 6-cup plastic container that can be used to make perfect gelatin salads or to mold cold salads, such as tuna, chicken or pasta, rice dishes or ice for a punch bowl. The top and bottom lids make it easy to unmold and serve beautiful dishes.

How to Use Tupperware's Jel-Ring Mold

Step 1

Fill the Jel-Ring Mold with the bottom lid tightly attached with any cold, moldable salad. A gelatin-based salad can be built in the mold, with fresh fruits and vegetables added. An ice ring can be made by adding juice, lemon-lime soda or water to the mold.

Step 2

Refrigerate or freeze six to eight hours, or until firm.

Step 3

Remove the top lid and invert the mold onto a serving tray. Wipe the serving tray with a damp cloth to easily adjust the placement of the molded salad. Remove the inner lid and lift the mold off the salad. If the salad is frozen, fill the inner space with warm water for a minute or so before removing the top lid.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 Tupperware Jel-Ring Mold™
  • 6 cups of prepared food or liquid


  • Tupperware™: Jel-Ring Mold™
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