About Zucchini Growth


Zucchini plants can be a wise choice for a gardening plan because they're easy to grow and produce prolifically. To ensure their success in your garden, there are a few things you'll want to know about how these plants grow.

Starting Zucchini Growth

Zucchini plants can be easily grown from seeds or transplanted seedlings.

Robust Plants Have Better Chances at Success

Zucchini plants that are the most robust and grow the fastest are the least likely to become infested with pests and will have more success. It's wise to thin out weaker plants and rely on the strong ones to produce a large harvest.

Temperature and Growth

Zucchini plants grow and set fruit faster in warmer areas than cooler ones. If you live in a warm region, you may want to plan for fewer zucchini plants per person than if you live in a cool area.

Male and Female Flowers

Zucchini plants first grow male flowers, then female. Females can be identified by the swollen portion at the bottom of the flower where it connects to the fruit.

Encouraging Growth

In addition to frequent harvesting, hand pollination will improve the production of fruit.


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  • Ohio Farm Bureau: Zucchini

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