How to Start Cayenne Pepper Seeds


Cayenne peppers are red chili peppers known for their hot, potent flavor. They are used frequently in cooking spicy foods. Dried, they are a major ingredient in chili powder. Cayenne peppers grow well in a variety of well-drained soils, doing best in heavier soils. They are a warm season vegetable and have a relatively long growing season. Because of this, starting cayenne peppers from seeds indoors is a good idea, and in some areas, absolutely essential. Planting peppers seeds is very easy.

Step 1

Check that your seeds will germinate by placing a small number of seeds on a damp paper towel. Place the towel in a warm area with good light exposure. Keep the towel damp for the next week. Check the seeds to see if they are germinating. If so, your seeds are viable.

Step 2

Fill the cells of a seed flat with potting soil and gently level the soil. Put the flat in a pan of shallow water overnight to thoroughly hydrate the soil.

Step 3

Plant the cayenne pepper seeds by gently pressing them into the soil to a quarter inch deep. Place plastic wrap over the seed flat to keep the soil damp and promote germination.

Step 4

Place the newly planted seed flat in a warm location at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not place the flat in direct sun.

Step 5

Watch for growth. Remove the plastic wrap, after the seeds sprout. As the seedlings grow, continue to keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Step 6

Examine the cayenne pepper plants for damping off disease and remove any infected plants. Treat the remaining plants with fungicide.

Step 7

Place the seedlings in bright light, preferably in a south facing window. Feed the cayenne pepper plants with a water-soluble plant food at half strength until ready to transplant.

Things You'll Need

  • Seedling flat
  • Potting soil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cayenne pepper seeds


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