How to Propagate a Sweet Potato Vine


Sweet potatoes are extremely easy to grow and propagate. Sweet potatoes are a warm-weather vegetable, so longer, warmer seasons will yield the best results. Sandy soils are best for growing, and sufficient space is needed for vine crawl. There are two ways to propagate sweet potato vines: sprouting the vine clippings and planting the tubers.

Sprouting the Vines

Step 1

Remove the lower leaves from the section of vine you will be cutting.

Step 2

Cut an 8- to 12-inch length just below a leaf node (the bump where a leaf has grown or will grow). Make an angled, clean cut.

Step 3

Place the cutting promptly in a jar or glass filled with water.

Step 4

Place the cuttings in a warm area. Change the water periodically. You should see roots forming within a week.

Step 5

Plant the cuttings when they have developed the beginnings of a strong root system. This should take approximately 2 weeks.

Planting the Tubers

Step 1

Slice sweet potatoes in half and place them on a bed of soil. Cover the pieces with 2 inches of moist soil. Keep them in a warm place, and keep the soil moist. The soil should stay at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The tubers will sprout shoot-like "slips."

Step 2

Remove and plant the slips when they reach about 6 inches high. Remove them by snipping or gently pulling them off in a twisting motion. The tubers will continue to grow additional slips.

Step 3

Plant the slips directly into your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Jars or glasses


  • University of Illinois Extension
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