How Many Times to Water Vegetable Plants

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Knowing when to water a vegetable plant can be a tricky thing. Over-watering causes root damage and draws in harmful insects that might harm or even kill the plant. It can also cause the vegetables to come out scarred and rotted. Under-watering can cause to plant to struggle while growing, leaving you a less then average yield at harvest time. The vegetables are small and the skin becomes tough and dried out. It is important while growing vegetable plants, to know when to water them.

Regular Conditions

Under regular conditions where temperatures are around 75 to 80 degrees F with little or no rain, you should only water vegetable plants once a week. Make sure completely to soak the dirt. It also helps the plant to spray the leaves with water using a small plant sprayer.

Rainy Weather

If the vegetable plant has received a lot of rain in recent days, you will need to feel the soil surrounding the plant. If it is saturated, there is no need to water the plant. If only the top soil is wet, water the plant a bit more. Do not water the plant any more for the week if the leaves are turning a light yellow color.

Sunny or Hot Weather

During the summer months when temperatures reach 90 to 100 degrees F, check the vegetable plants every three days. Feel the soil to see if the plants are receiving enough water. Do not water the plants in the middle of the day. Wait until dusk or early morning to saturate the soil.

Cold Weather

In cold weather when the temperature goes below 50 degrees, only water plants in the heat of the day when the sun is shining directly on the plants.

Any Weather

If you are ever in doubt about when to water plants, feel the soil to see if it is too dry or wet. Also keep an eye on the plants to make sure they are a healthy color.

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