Growing Cucumbers & Squash on a Trellis


Cucumbers and squash are warm-weather plants that grow in abundance if treated properly. Both plants produce vines and can take up a lot of space if allowed to sprawl. Save room in your garden by placing cucumbers and squash on the same trellis. The best trellises to use for these plants are formed from sturdy wire, and are commonly called tomato cages. The triangular shape of this trellis allows it to maintain the heavy weight of a cucumber and squash crop.

Step 1

Plant cucumber and squash plants nine inches apart after all danger of frost has passed.

Step 2

Center the trellis over the two plants. Move any tender vines out of the way, so the trellis' wires do not cut them.

Step 3

Ease the trellis cage over the plants and push it gently into the ground. To make this easier, water plants before adding the trellis.

Step 4

Pick up a vine of the cucumber plant and tie it to the trellis using soft cloth strips. Do not tie too tightly as this could strangle the plant. Arrange the vine up the trellis and secure it in a few places. Tie all the cucumber vines on one side of the trellis.

Step 5

Guide the vines of the squash plant on to the trellis and secure them in place with soft cloths.

Things You'll Need

  • Triangular trellis
  • Cucumber plants
  • Soft cloth strips
  • Squash plants
  • Water


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Who Can Help

  • University of Georgia: Spacing and Planting
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