What Vegetables Are Good to Plant in May?


It's good to plan your garden before planting it. You will have a full vegetable garden with produce ripening at different times throughout the summer months. There are hundreds of vegetables to choose from, many that can be started in May. Making sure you have plenty of space and good quality soil will make your vegetable garden a success. Transplanting vegetable seedlings into your vegetable beds in early May will ensure the plants have enough time to spread their roots deep into the soil.


Transplant warm season vegetables in May. It's also a good time to start seeds. Warm season vegetables are those that grow during the summer months.


Beans such as snap peas, lima beans, green beans and pole beans are all good choices to start and transplant during May.


Corn can be planted in May only in the Pacific Northwest. It's too cold for corn to survive in other regions during May.


Squash will do well in May. Starting seeds during this time will ensure that they plants are well established before it gets warm.


Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant will survive during May if you use mulch. Mulch should cover the ground around each plant.


Okra grows well during May, but it's essential to keep up with the weeds. Weeds take important nutrients from the plants, and will eventually cause their death.


Proper watering, mulching and weed upkeep will ensure that any seedlings or starts will survive during the upcoming months. Watch for insects during the summer, and treat with insecticide immediately at any signs of an infestation.

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