The Best Ways to Stake Pole Beans


Growing your own pole beans can be keen---but it can also be a pain if you don't have the proper support. Since pole beans like to grow high and mighty, and they produce the best pods when they do so, create a tall, sturdy support to allow them to thrive. The best ways to stake pole beans include using a simple stick, a tepee design or a trellis.

Using a Stick

One of the easiest ways to stake beans is with a simple stick or pole. Pick a sturdy, wooden stick that is at least an inch wide and at least six and a half feet tall. Make sure the wood's surface is rough, or use coarse sandpaper to make it so. This helps the growing vines cling to the wood. Bury the bottom six inches of the pole in the center of a little mound, and plant the been seeds around the stick. Firmly pack the dirt around the base of the pole so it is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and the weight of the growing beans. The pole is easy to set up, but not as stable as some other bean pole staking options.

Tepee Design

A bean tepee is another option. It consists of three or four sticks that branch out like a tepee above the ground. Use dowels or other thin wooden poles that again are at least six feet tall. Use wire to loosely but firmly wrap the top of the poles together, about two inches from the top, and branch the bottoms of the poles out on the ground for support. Plant a seed or two near the bottom of each stick. You can bury the base of the stick a few inches into the ground for added support, but the tepee-like contraption will be stable on its own because of its design.

Build or Buy a Trellis

Using a trellis is another good way to stake pole beans. You can buy a ready-made trellis, preferably wood, at a home or garden store, or make your own. Nail thin slats of wood into a thatched crisscross pattern, making the trellis at least six feet high with at least six inches at the base that can be buried for support. Use as many wooden slats as you need, depending on how wide you want the trellis to be, but start with at least three vertical and six horizontal slats. Put a layer of chicken wire over your trellis for added support for the growing beans.

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