How to Grow Rosemary From Seeds

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Rosemary doesn't only give you fresh herbs to cook with but is a pretty bush with a wonderful aroma. Rosemary is a member of the mint family and has dark green leaves with pale blue flowers. If left to grow, the shrub can reach 6 feet tall. The herb originated in the Mediterranean so it likes the hot weather. But it's also an easy plant to grow and will grow indoors if you live in a colder area.

Step 1

Place a lot of seeds on a saucer and cover them with water for 3 hours before you plant. You need to plant more seeds than you want plants because they will not all come up. Rosemary is somewhat hard to sprout.

Step 2

Start the planting process about 6 weeks before the last freeze. If you plan on keeping the plant indoors, you can plant anytime. Place course gravel in the bottom of a container and fill with a vegetable soil. You can also use your own soil mixed with compost.

Step 3

Plant the seeds in the container and water. Keep the soil damp until they start to sprout. Then put the container in a sunny area in your house. Water the plants once a week or if the soil gets very dry.

Step 4

When you transplant the rosemary, plant it in an area that gets a lot of sun. Put them at the same depth outdoors as they were indoors. They like soil that drains well, so if you have hard soil, add some compost before you plant.

Step 5

Water when soil is dry. Rosemary does not normally need fertilizer, but you can place some tea compost on the soil around the plant once a month. They are also very drought resistant, so there is no need to over-water.

Step 6

Cut stems when you want to use the rosemary with a sharp knife or clippers. You can also freeze it right away to have fresh rosemary on hand for later.

Things You'll Need

  • Rosemary seeds
  • Vegetable soil
  • Container
  • Saucer
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