Why Are My Pepper Plants So Pale?


Pale pepper plants may be a sign of a negative reaction by the plant to its environment. Analyze the conditions your pepper plants are living in to determine a course of action to correct the problem.


Pepper plants need plenty of sun to grow, but too much heat or not enough sun will turn pepper plants pale. Return pants to their green glory days by balancing the light levels for your particular pepper variety.


A chili plant's water needs change throughout the growth and fruiting cycles. Closely monitor the soil to keep it moist without flooding it. Soggy or dry soil will cause the pepper plant to be pale droop.


A windy location will make it difficult for a pepper plant to get water and nutrients to its extremities. Relocate wind-whipped pepper plants or create a wind break to protect their growth.


Giving a pepper plant more or less food than it needs may cause a nutrient imbalance leading to pale leaves. Carefully measure your plants' fertilizer and follow the waiting period instructions to keep from overfeeding.


Plant hardening, or hardening off, is a process of gradually introducing a young indoor transplant into its new outdoor environment. Moving a pepper plant into new conditions without preparation may cause adverse reactions, including pale leaves.


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