Apple Tree Growing Information

Apple Tree Growing Information image by Flickr user fauxto_digit
Apple Tree Growing Information image by Flickr user fauxto_digit


The apple tree is one of the most common fruit trees, and no other food comes in more varieties. The U.S. Apple Association says more than 7,500 kinds of apples are grown throughout the world, with 2,500 of these in the United States.


Apple trees are in the genus Malus as part of the rose (Rosaceae) family.


Apple trees can grow in almost all of the USDA Hardiness Zones. However, not all varieties will grow in each zone, so check with the local Extension office for suitable varieties for your area.


Several sizes are available for apple trees: dwarf, semi-dwarf, standard and columnar. Check the tags on the trees at the nursery to make sure the tree will fit in your garden when mature.

Sun and Water

Plant apple trees in full sun. Water regularly for optimal fruit production. Choose soil that drains well.


You need at least two kinds of apple trees in your garden as they are unable to pollinate themselves. Choose varieties that bloom at the same time. They can also be pollinated by crabapple trees.


Apple trees need to be pruned so they have a central leader, which is one main trunk. Pruning is important for the health of the apple tree and needs to be performed yearly. Visit your local Extension office for instructions.


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Photo by: Flickr user fauxto_digit

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