Organic Pest Control of Bean Beetles


Garden pests can cause major damage to your crops. Bean beetles, specifically, eat the leaves of the plant, robbing them of necessary energy and leading to severe withering and plant death. These destructive bugs can be controlled without sacrificing your organic gardening practices.

Predator Insects

One way to control a bean-beetle population is by making sure its natural predators reside in your garden. Purchase ladybugs to eliminate adult populations, and pediobius wasps to destroy larvae.

Natural Insecticides

There are multiple kinds of organic insecticides that can be applied to infected plants. These include sabadilla, rotenone dust and oil sprays.

Control by Hand

If a gardener encounters only a mild infestation that is caught in its earliest stages, he may choose to hand pick and kill the beetles and their eggs.


Gardeners who take advantage of the earliest part of the growing season often have bean plants that are no longer in production when the dangerous portions of the insect season begins.


Planting garlic, nasturtiums, savory or marigolds near your bean plants effectively deters bean beetles.


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