Gluten-Free Energy Foods

Many gluten-free foods naturally provide quality nutrients that beneficially affect your energy levels. Some manufacturers, such as Bumble Bar and Organic Nutrition, produce gluten-free energy bars, but you do not need a processed food product, even one that uses quality ingredients, to have gluten-free energy foods.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a compact, nutrient-rich, gluten-free food. According to Dr. Loretta Standley, bee pollen helps to boost energy levels. It is rich in protein and stimulates the endocrine system, which regulates stamina and day-to-day energy. Unlike foods rich in refined carbohydrates such as bread and pastries, which give a quick boost of energy followed by a debilitating crash, bee pollen provides sustained energy over time by providing nutrients that holistically support a range of bodily functions.


Fruit is gluten free and rich in complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the muscles. According to Northwestern University's Northwesternutrition resource, refined carbohydrates offer little in the way of nutritional value and fiber content, while natural or complex carbohydrates are nutrient dense and contain beneficial, biologically active substances such as phytonutrients. The slowly absorbed sugars in complex carbohydrates in foods such as fruit provide quality energy over time. Grapes, peaches and citrus fruits are the best fruits for boosting energy because of their especially high natural sugar content.


Edible seaweeds such as nori and kelp contain no gluten and help to boost the body's energy by providing well-rounded nutritional support. According to cookbook author Rebecca Wood, seaweed contains more vitamins and minerals per ounce than any other type of food. It is also so flavorful that Irish food scientists have begun using it as a base for food seasonings. Nori, which is used to wrap sushi, makes a convenient snack. Asian food markets carry a variety of snacks made from nori, including small packets of seasoned nori strips. Rice crackers wrapped in nori strips provide gluten-free carbohydrates in addition to the vitamins and minerals from the seaweed. Check ingredients on these products to make sure they do not include soy sauce, which contains gluten.

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