Gluten Free Finger Foods

Gluten-free dieting excludes foods containing wheat, rye and barley, so figuring out what to eat can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, this doesn't mean you have exclude food with flavor or fun finger foods. Gluten-free appetizers can be creative and satisfying.


Dips are a great finger food, as they do not contain ingredients with gluten. Dips are often made from legumes or vegetables, such as hummus, which is made with garbanzo beans. Another classic dip, guacamole, is made with avocados, peppers, onion and lime.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a great alternative to chips and breads. For instance, you can dip or smother fruits in whipped cream and smother vegetables in hot sauce to make them more exciting. Another idea i to try artichoke leaves as an alternative to tortilla chips when eating guacamole or other dips.


Seafood is a sophisticated food to add to a gluten-free diet. Try oysters with lemon or garlic shrimp, each of which is a flavorful finger food that doesn't sacrifice taste. Experiment with spices, such as adding hot pepper or a Cajun spice blend to any seafood to zest up your next meal. Take caution with some canned seafood, as imitation crab often contains gluten. Try to stick to cooking with fresh seafood only.

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