How to Use Ginger Topically for Fat Burning


Although a person's fat-burning ability ultimately depends on his or her exercise habits and diet, there are a few metabolism boosters that can help speed up the weight-loss process. Indeed, there are a host of everyday foods and spices that actually help burn fat quickly and make you feel satiated, leading you to consume less. One of these fat-burning super foods is ginger, a spice that not only adds enormous flavor to a meal but can also help to trim down your waistline.

Step 1

Come up with a list of foods and beverages that will pair well with ginger. Since ginger can have a very strong, spicy taste, many people prefer to use it in small doses, grated and sprinkled over freshly squeezed juices, as a salsa, in soups, or in meat dishes. Log onto recipe websites to get some more ideas about how to incorporate ginger topically into your meals.

Step 2

Peel a ginger root, then chop finely or grate using a standard food grater. Sprinkle or mix in ginger in your meals or snacks a few times a week or more to get the maximal fat-burning benefits from this spice. Don't forget to add freshly grated ginger to juice, tea, or sparkling water for added flavor and a metabolism boost, as well.

Step 3

Use fresh ginger topically to flavor other fat-burning foods to maximize your body's fat-burning potential. Common metabolism-boosting, fat-burning foods include cod, shrimp, tuna, cabbage, spinach, apples, pears, and nectarines, among others.

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