Bison Burgers Vs. All Beef Burgers


Bison burgers are much leaner than all but very low-fat all-beef burgers. The two are comparable in nutrients and protein but bison has been described as sweeter and richer in flavor.


Beef comes from cattle. Bison, which are indigenous to North America, are often called buffalo but that is a misnomer. The two types of true buffalo come from Africa and Asia, the Bison Group North America reports.


Bison were a major protein source for the Plains Indians. Although once at risk of extinction, they are no longer endangered.

Flavor Comparison

Bison has been described as being sweeter and richer in flavor than beef.

Nutritional Comparison

Ground bison and beef are high in protein (about 22g per serving) and in many vitamins (e.g. niacin, vitamins B-6, B-12 and A, iron, selenium, zinc and phosphorous). Both are also high in cholesterol. Bison burgers are far lower in fat than all but very lean ground beef burgers. Unlike nonorganic beef, bison are not exposed to antibiotics or growth hormones.


Bison can be substituted for beef in all recipes. Ground beef can be cooked from rare to well done, but bison cooks faster and at low temperatures to prevent overcooking.


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