Landscape Plan Ideas for Front Load Garage Plans

Many modern homes include front load garages, meaning the garage is a prominent feature on the exterior and often extends beyond the rest of the facade. They are convenient as they allow the homeowner to drive directly into the garage, but they can be an eyesore from the street. There are several creative landscaping ideas that can improve the look of your home with a front-load-garage plan.

Conceal Your Garage

Use landscaping to "hide" your garage as much as possible. It won't disappear, but cleverly placed landscaping elements can soften the effect of this angular, jutting wing of your home. Plant fast-growing ivy along the walls of your garage and train them to grow over the blank side surfaces and above the garage door. If you are concerned that the ivy will damage your brickwork, build a lattice support structure. Another option is to plant thick shrubs or small trees such as cypress or another perennial around the sides of your garage.

Integrate With Plant Beds

If your garage's exterior is decent enough, you may choose to emphasize it within your landscape design rather than conceal it. Construct beds for plants that wrap and connect the front of your garage to the rest of your home. Use pavers, natural stone or another type of landscape edging to define the plant beds. Don't be afraid of arcing, free-form shapes for the bed plan. Choose plants of a variety of shapes and sizes, and place the tallest ones closer to your house and tier down to the edge of the bed. Try grouping plants together in clumps for a free-form look.

Add Proportion

Use larger plants such as trees and tall shrubs to bring your house into proportion. A front load garage can throw off the facade composition of the home, but you can add emphasis to the other end of your home with a few well-placed trees. Examine the roof line of your home: Peaks form natural high points, while valleys dip down. Follow this established rhythm to bring your garage back in tune with the rest of your home.

Don't Neglect Driveway

Your front load garage connects to the street via your driveway, which also covers a significant portion of your lawn. Many driveways are made of light-colored poured concrete and aren't especially attractive. Spruce up your driveway--repave it with a nicer material, such as decorative brick or dark-colored stone, or simply acid-stain your concrete. To further integrate your garage and driveway within your landscape plan, consider lining your driveway with low, flowering plants and installing decorative landscape lighting.

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