How to Calculate Rock Coverage Area


"What'd you get for Christmas, Charlie Brown?" "I got a rock," he says, dejectedly. Though it may not get much respect from some animated characters, rock is actually quite a versatile material for landscaping and gardening for home or business. You can use rock to create a walkway, frame a walkway, set off a pool, pond or fountain, or nestle near shrubs, trees or flowers. Rock is available in various colors, types and sizes. The range of choices is quite broad. Once you have settled on a type of rock, you will need to know just how much of the material to buy. Making the calculation is straightforward.

Step 1

Measure how wide the space will be. Use a tape measure to take this measurement, in feet.

Step 2

Measure how long the space is. Again, take the measurement in feet.

Step 3

Multiply length by width. If, for example, length is 10 feet and width is 10 feet, you will arrive at a figure of 100 square feet.

Step 4

Figure how deep your rock layer will be. Keep in mind that if you are laying rock in a muddy area, you may need a greater depth.

Step 5

Convert the depth figure to feet by dividing by 12. If, for example, you would like three inches of rock, you will divide 3 by 12 to arrive at 1/4 (0.25) feet.

Step 6

Figure the cubic feet. To calculate cubic feet, you multiply length times width times depth. In this example, that would be 10 X 10 X .25 = 25. You will need 25 cubic feet of rock to cover the desired are to a depth of three inches.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Calculator


  • Landscape Rock
  • Estimating Landscape Stone
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