How to Use Oregano Oil in a Humidifier

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Oregano oil, as extracted from wild oregano plants and sold commercially, may be used in humidifiers to ease sinus problems, to stave off colds and to promote a healthy immune system. Oregano oil has antimicrobial agents that have been shown to protect and preserve good health (see links in Resources). Using it in a humidifier is the same as using other essential oils in humidifiers. Either cool or warm mist humidifiers will work well. The oil will help relieve minor sinus issues and the aroma will uplift your home's atmosphere.

Using Oregano Oil in a Humidifier

Step 1

Use organic oregano oil for effective wellness. Organic oregano oil is not derived from oregano that has been treated with pesticides or other unnatural chemicals. Use distilled water in your humidifier. Distilled water is free from minerals that you can inhale and which can leave traces in your humidifier.

Step 2

Add oregano oil to a cool or warm mist humidifier. You can determine the best type for you. If you find it difficult to inhale in a sauna, use a cool mist humidifier. Otherwise, either type will work.

Step 3

Add nine to 10 drops of oregano oil to distilled water in your humidifier. This will be enough to last throughout the night. If you constantly run your humidifier, replenish the oil three or four times.

Step 4

Allow your humidifier to run in a room overnight where you sleep. You also can operate the humidifier with oregano oil in any room during the day to allow for maximum exposure to oregano's healing benefits.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not apply oregano oil directly to skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Humidifier
  • Organic oregano oil
  • Distilled water

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