What Is a Summer Savory Herb?


Summer Savory is a species of savory known for its particularly delicate flavor. It's frequently used for culinary purposes and has some medicinal uses. Its most common application is as a tea to treat stomach problems.

Savory is a common herb in the Mediterranean. image by Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Wolfgang Staudt


Summer savory's leaves are slender and paler than other species, growing on a reddish-brown square stem reminiscent of the mint family. In the late summer, this species produces small, white, rose-like flowers.


An excellent indoor plant, summer savory likes rich soil that isn't dense. It requires adequate moisture, full sun and takes to growing on window sills easily.


Summer savor has a more delicate flavor than other species of savory. It tastes like a mix of thyme and mint. It also is a highly aromatic herb that takes well to vinegar and oil; summer savory oil was used liberally as a flavoring for food.

Culinary Uses

The tender leaves can be used in fresh salads. It's frequently dried and ground, then added to several mixes such as Herbs de Provence. A few leaves can also be added to white wine for a more refreshing flavor.

Medicinal Uses

Summer savory is often used in teas to manage colic, indigestion and stomach upsets. It can calm sore throats. Summer savory is also said to enhance the sex drive.


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