How to Carve Tiki Torches

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Tiki torches are a festive and creative way to enhance your walkway paths, back yard or pool and grill area. You can create them in any color you want. But the standard is black with some bamboo matting around the edges. Start by making four Tiki torches with this method. It is easier then many people think and requires very basic supplies.

Step 1

Hold a bamboo pole straight up so that one end is on the ground and the other is in your fist. Measure 1 foot down from the top of the bamboo stick and draw a line all the way around the pole with your black marker.

Step 2

Saw through the bamboo pole from the top to this marked line. Turn the bamboo pole and use the saw to cut in the exact same way, making a "+" symbol. Turn the bamboo pole 1/4-inch and cut in the same way, so that the cuts now look like a six-point asterisk when looking down upon them.

Step 3

Take a plastic twist tie or elastic band and secure the bamboo pole right under the six split cuts, but not past the 12 inches down. This will help prevent further splitting of the pole.

Step 4

Place the canister of Tiki torch fuel (one not larger than 4 inches wide) between the six splits of bamboo on top. Wrap an elastic band or plastic tie around the diameter of the fuel canister to secure it.

Step 5

Decide where you want the Tiki torches to stand. Push the PVC pipe down into the dirt and fill it with sand halfway. This acts as a stable anchor to the Tiki torch.

Step 6

Insert the bamboo pole into the PVC pipe. Light the Tiki torch wick unless it needs to time to soak up the oil. In this case, it takes about a half hour. Keep a close on the fire until you are sure that the Tiki torch will burn safely without close supervision.

Tips and Warnings

  • Burn your tiki torches a safe distance from tree branches hanging, brush, fences, canopies, or other fire hazards. Keep away from children and pets.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 bamboo pole for each tiki torch, about 3 inches in diameter and 5.5 feet long (4 total)
  • Measuring tape
  • Black marker
  • Hand saw
  • 4 Tiki torch wick
  • 4 cans of Tiki torch oil
  • 4-foot lengths of PVC plastic pipe, slightly larger diameter then the bamboo pole
  • Elastic bands or plastic ties
  • Sand (no more than 3.5 pounds)
  • 10 oz. soup can, if needed
  • 6 oz. tuna can, if needed
  • Can opener, if needed
  • Duct tape and spray paint, if needed
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Photo by: Courtesy of Photobucket.

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