Coconut Shell Spoon Making


You can make a spoon out of a coconut shell. It is a process that requires a long time and hard work. Spoons made from a coconut shell often look rough and worn, but can also have that island flair you might be looking for.

Choosing and Preparing the Coconut Shell

Choose a coconut shell that is as round as possible. Drill two holes in one end and drain out all of the coconut water. Cut the coconut in half using a saw, or hit it with a hammer to make it crack. Once you have two halves of a shell, remove all of the coconut meat with a sharp knife. Cut as close to the shell as you can, and then remove the rest of the meat with a knife, or by soaking the shell in water until it falls off. Use small-grade sandpaper to sand both sides of the coconut shell to make it as smooth as possible.

Sizing The Spoon

Decide how big you would like your spoon. Many people make large coconut shell spoons for decoration, and others want to make smaller ones to actually use. If the shell is too big for your spoon, you will have to make it smaller. One method is to use large-grade sandpaper to remove the rest of the unused shell. You can also use a jigsaw to cut the shell to the right size. When making a small spoon, you can use your saw and sandpaper to make a spoon handle. When using the entire shell to make a large spoon, you can attach a handle to the spoon once it is finished. Some materials to use for this type of handle include sanded wood, another coconut shell, or even plastic or marble.

Creating The Spoon

The spoon should be already mostly formed, due to the natural curve of the shell. Once you have it sized, switch to the largest-grade of sandpaper and ball up the sandpaper. Dig out the rest of the bowl of the spoon with the sandpaper. You will remove very slight amounts of shell at a time, so prepare yourself for a long evening's work.

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