How to Make a Whale Out of Styrofoam

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Styrofoam is often used in production plants as a packaging tool, but it is also used for backdrops in plays, as stage props and a medium to create safe children's toys. Whales are found in many plays such as "Jonah and the Whale" and "Pinocchio." Styrofoam whales can be found in environmental plays and science exhibitions. These whales can easily be created at home by those with a bit of artistic talent and the right supplies.

Step 1

Find a location to work. If you can work outdoors this will be best. Foam pieces will be flying, and as foam melts from the heat of being cut, it will emit strong fumes.

Step 2

Stand up both saw horses. If you do not own sawhorses, you can work on a table. However, the sawhorses make it easier to move around the Styrofoam as you work.

Step 3

Put on the safety goggles. Place the foam piece on the sawhorses. Use the marker to draw the outline of the whale. Do not forget the spout of water.

Step 4

Cut out the outline of the whale with the electric chainsaw. Move slowly, and be careful as you move around the spout and water spray.

Step 5

Fine-tune the piece by cutting off any rough or jagged edges with the Japanese handsaw. You may also use this to cut any small details into the whale. Smooth the edges of the whale with the power sander.

Step 6

Spray the whale with gray spray paint. Allow to dry, turn the whale over and spray the other side. When both sides are dry, spray with clear acrylic spray paint. Allow the first coat to dry, and add a second if needed.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you cannot work outdoors, open windows or wear a ventilating mask.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-by-8-foot flat foam board
  • 2 sawhorses
  • Marker
  • Safety goggles
  • Small electric chainsaw
  • Japanese handsaw
  • Power sander
  • Gray spray paint
  • Clear acrylic spray paint

Who Can Help

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  • Free whale clip art
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Photo by: Acdx/Wikimedia Commons

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