Simple Wood Projects


Woodworking is one of the oldest hobbies around. From using a simple whittling knife to power carvers, people have been crafting wood for centuries. Working with wood can be a fun way to spend your free time and possibly a way to make a side income at flea markets and craft fairs. The best way to get started is to try a few simple wood projects. Here are some wood projects you can craft with minimal resources and effort.

Wooden Boxes

Wooden box projects are ideal for beginners and not too difficult. You can make wooden boxes in many different sizes, to serve various purposes. Try making small wooden recipe boxes and customizing with a wood-burning pen. Wood-burning pens are ideal for decorating wooden projects. They aren't overly expensive, and they're easy to use. You could make business card holders from wood, or if you want to tackle something bigger, try making a toy box.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are fun to make and relatively simple. You don't even need to purchase processed wood from a lumber yard or craft shop. If you live where you can take a stroll through the woods, look for pieces of a tree that can be fashioned into old-time-looking signs. You can use a carving knife to shape the signs and add letters and other custom designs using a wood-burning pen.

Children's Furniture

If you want to take on something a little more substantial but still somewhat simple, consider making a child's table and chairs. This is a slightly more difficult project, but still easy to do if you work from a set of plans. To make the process simpler, purchase the pieces for the furniture already cut and ready to assemble. If you'd rather try the furniture from scratch, you can find plans for children's furniture online, along with other woodworking plans.

Toys for Children

Balsa wood is a lightweight wood that's easy for beginners to carve. It also makes the perfect carving wood for simple children's toys such as a boat, an airplane, or a little girl's set of dishes. Balsa wood holds paint well. You can also carve decorative wooden coasters for your coffee table or wall hangings to decorate your kitchen. Because it's lightweight and still sturdy, balsa is one of the best woods for beginners to use when they want to try carving.

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