Homemade Wooden Roses


Roses are among the most beloved of all flowers. People are always looking for ways to preserve cut roses--any way to make them last longer. Perhaps the next best thing to a real rose is a representation of one. Making dried flowers is a favorite hobby, and there are many plastic, silk and ceramic flowers on the market. There are also more original representations, such as a wooden rose.

Gather the Supplies

Some things you will need for this project include a carving knife and a V-gouge knife for detail work. This is a knife with a V-shaped blade at the end for carving small gouges in the wood. A scoop knife would also be helpful, which is a knife shaped like a hook that is sharp on both sides. You will need a piece of wood long enough to include the stem of the rose. You will also need a piece of fine sandpaper; red, white and green acrylic or enamel paint; and clear coat. A good wood to start with is basswood. It is a fairly soft wood, easy to carve and is good to use for detail work. It is light in color. If you prefer a darker wood, another good choice is butternut (white walnut), which is also good for detailing.

Getting Started

Draw a rose first. If you don't draw, find a detailed picture of a rose you would like to carve and use that. This will serve as a guideline for carving the form and the lines of your rose. With the carving knife, carve away unneeded wood. Look at the picture for guidance. Most of the access wood will be cut away at the stem. Be sure and leave enough for the leaves and for holding while you detail the rose. The stem should be the last part you detail.


Make a rough outline first; then use the scoop knife to form the petals on the outside of the rose. Use the V-gouge knife to form the inside of the flower, cutting lines to make it look like petals on the inside. Once you are satisfied with the flower part, use the V-gouge knife to create the leaves on the stem, and finish carving out the stem.


Use a fine grit sandpaper to sand the rough edges and smooth out the petals. Mix some white paint with the red to make a portion that is lighter in color. Paint the rose red (or any color you prefer and use the white to make any color lighter). Paint the outer tips of the petals the lighter red. Paint the stem and leaves green. Allow to dry thoroughly, and then paint with a clear coat to bring out the shine in the wood.

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