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Woodworking is a relaxing hobby that many wood carvers turn into a full-time business. There is an endless list of projects you can fashion using one of the many varieties of woods available to the wood carving artisan. Some of these projects are simple, requiring no more than a carving knife, while others might require larger power tools or even a wood lathe. Some of the most popular woodworking ideas are simple to accomplish and can lend beauty to any display.

Wood Figures

Wooden figurines are popular not only for carvers, but the buying public as well. Figures carved from various types of wood, including the soft balsa and the hard maple, are hot sellers at flea markets and craft fairs. These figures can be carved simply using just a carving knife. Animals and Native American figures are some of the most popular types of wood figures.

Plaques and Signs

Plaques and signs made of wood make profitable sales items at craft fairs. You can use natural tree wood to make your signs, then use a wood-burning pen to add lettering or other ornamental embellishments. Many wood craftsmen make a tidy side profit selling wooden signs to local business owners.

Furniture Projects

Furniture projects are more complex and suited for the experienced woodworker, but wooden furniture can lend a rustic charm to any room of your house. If you have old tree stumps in your yard, make use of them to carve a table and chairs for your backyard. Other furniture ideas for wood might include a memory chest for a daughter or a wooden potty chair for your little one. You can use wood-burning techniques to add decorative touches to these items as well.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are fun carving projects. Cars, airplanes, boats, puppets and log cabins are some of the most frequently carved wooden toys. Wooden toys are functional and can last for generations. If you want to get your children in on the act, you might start them off with a simple toy project like a car or the log cabin. Do the project together, from planning to carving and the final painting.

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