Can Yellow Squash Be Frozen?


Yellow and other types of summer squash can be frozen. This is an economical and environmentally-friendly way to use squash, as you can purchase the vegetables when they are in season (and cheaper) and freeze them for later use. This way, during the cold months, you will rely less on squash grown in other parts of the world, which will cost more, not taste as good and have more of a negative impact on the environment from their transport.


Most cooks agree that the best way to freeze squash is to simply rinse it, peel it, chop it into cubes and freeze the cubes in plastic bags. When you are ready to use them, thaw to room temperature before preparation.


For best taste, it is best to use squash that is locally-grown and in season. Frozen squash won't taste as good as fresh squash, but it will be pretty close if you freeze the vegetable at its freshest.

Other Ideas

If you have a favorite recipe that calls for squash in a specific form (such as mashed, shredded or pureed), you can prepare the squash according to the recipe's instructions and freeze it in that form.

To Blanche or Not to Blanche

Blanching squash is a popular way to prepare the vegetable before freezing. However, this can lead to mushy squash once it's thawed. The main thing to keep in mind is to remove excess water once thawed, unless you are making a soup, in which case extra moisture will be beneficial to preparation and flavor.

Types of Squash

Squash come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Some common variety include butternut, acorn and peanut squash. Zucchini is also in the squash family.


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