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Going vegetarian is one of the best things that you can do for your health. With organizations for animal rights and welfare on the rise, more people are becoming educated about the benefits of the vegetarian diet, and people are also seeing the ethical implications of eating meat. The fact that meat is decaying as soon as the animal is killed is also enough to turn some off the blood-filled food forever! Yet, if the misconception that protein consumption will be difficult within a vegetarian diet is holding you back, move forward! Protein foods are plentiful for vegetarians.


There is a delicious food on the market called Tofurky or vegetable protein slices from Light Life. Both name brands offer protein-filled slices for sandwich making. The taste is often thought superior to bologna or ham slices, and it's a popular choice for vegetarian kids and adults alike.

Veggie Burger

A veggie burger, which you can even get at Burger King or a diner these days to eat alongside your carnivore friends, is often a strong source of protein.


Think tofu. You can eat it in teriyaki, in Chinese food and in anything where you would usually add meat or chicken. Tofu in pasta is even becoming popular. Tofu tends to take on the flavor of what it's cooked with. That makes it easy to add a tasty source of protein to nearly anything!

Cooked Quinoa

While it is more popular in England, quinoa is a delicious vegetarian protein that is found in popular microwave meals for vegetarians. You can cook it yourself as an addition to popular meals.

Vegetarian "Bacon"

Vegetarian "bacon," made by sources like Morningstar Farms, is a good place to find some protein early in the morning. The taste is phenomenal.

Drink Up

Vegetarians can even get protein in their beverages. Soy milk--flavored or regular--is a fantastic source for protein.

Rice is Nice

Add brown rice or potatoes as your side order. Both contain protein and are undeniably delicious.

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