Gazpacho Soup Ingredients


According to one of the best known and best loved cookbooks, "The Joy of Cooking," gazpacho is described as a clear soup full of herbs and vegetables. Gazpacho is different from other soups because it is served chilled.


The Britannica Online Encyclopedia says that the soup originated in Spain, and it has ancient references dating back to Roman and Greek literature.

Changes to the Recipe

According to the Encyclopedia, the two main ingredients of green peppers and tomatoes were not in the original version but were added later in the 16th century.

Start With

The starting ingredients in gazpacho include two ripe tomatoes, a green pepper, one clove of garlic, chives, basil, parsley and tarragon. Chop and mix them together.

Add In

Slowly add to the chopped mixture a half cup of olive oil; 3 tablespoons lemon juice; 3 cups chilled light beef stock or consomme; a peeled, chopped sweet onion; 1 cup seeded, peeled, diced cucumber; and a dash each of salt and paprika.


The soup is chilled for 2 hours. Just before serving, add a few ice cubes to each bowl and garnish them with fresh parsley.

Healthy Vegetable Soup

This cold vegetable soup is extraordinarily healthy, in that it is vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, low fat, and low carbohydrate.


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