Burlington, Vermont Vegan Restaurants

Burlington is rich in natural beauty, including Lake Champlain and German Mountains, and is a hot spot for mountain recreation and relaxation. Discover the friendly downtown Burlington and walk on the pedestrian-friendly streets to the Church Street Marketplace, with its cosmopolitan array of boutique shops, concerts and restaurants. From fine-dining restaurants to cafés to raw cuisine to organic fast food, Burlington offers vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés to suit every vegan or vegetarian.

Magnolia Bistro Restaurant

Magnolia Bistro restaurant is a vegetarian-friendly bistro located near the corner of College Street and St. Paul Street in downtown Burlington. It comes with an elegant breakfast and lunch menu that includes vegan-friendly options. From oatmeal pancakes to garbanzo burgers to tofu scrambles, it uses mostly organic ingredients, especially those that can be made vegan. Magnolia Bistro has been honored by the Green Restaurant Association and Green Restaurant of Vermont. It offers private catering for special events. Free wireless is available at Magnolia Bistro while you enjoy a a freshly squeezed organic juice or a vegetarian Bloody Mary. Magnolia Bistro Restaurant One Lawson Lane Burlington, VT 05401 802-846-7446 magnoliabistro.com

Penny Cluse Café

In May 1998, Penny Cluse Café opened new doors on the corner of Cherry Street and South Winooski Street in downtown Burlington. The café is named after owner Holly Cluse's childhood dog, Penny. Penny Cluse Café serves vegan options in its breakfast menu, including soy milk or coconut milk in smoothies and tofu in scramble plates and specialties. Request no cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing or other dairy products in tofu scramble plates and breakfast specialties if you're eating vegan. The café offers a variety of salad bowls with tofu and vegetables that can be made vegan by removing any meats, cheeses and dressings made of dairy products. For a dairy-free and egg-free sandwich, be sure to request no mayonnaise, cheese, meat, egg or butter. Penny Cluse Café provides catering for all different occasions with innovative cuisine that can be made vegan. Penny Cluse Café 169 Cherry St. Burlington, VT 05402 802-651-8834 pennycluse.com

New Ethic Café

Within a few blocks of the University of Vermont campus, New Ethnic Café serves 100 percent vegetarian cuisine with vegan options. From fresh salads to grilled veggie sandwiches and burgers to homemade soups to international plates, the sides and dishes are completely dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free. New Ethnic Café makes healthy non-alcoholic cocktails, known as elixirs, such as a mojito, and fresh smoothies using agave nectar, almond butter, spirulina, flax oil, hemp protein, coconut butter, coconut water or chai tea. Free wireless is available at New Ethnic Café, as are takeout orders. It is located on the corner of North Street and North Winooski Avenue. New Ethic Café 260 North St. Burlington, VT 05401 802-540-2834 newethiccafe.com

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