Vegan Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Vegan restaurants prepare cuisine that does not use animal products of any kind. A vegan diet is much stricter than the diet of a vegetarian in that vegans will not consume dairy and egg products. There are over a dozen restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA that specialize in serving vegan cuisine.

Quiet Storm

The Quite Storm is a café that serves organic fair-trade coffee and includes vegan items on its menu. Dinner platters include their popular Veggie Burger. Quiet Storm 5430 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 412-661-9355

Hoi Polloi

Hoi Polloi is a neighborhood coffeehouse that offers a "down-to-earth" setting with a large selection of wholesome coffees, teas, juices and food. Soups are made from scratch daily and hummus, salad dressings, and baked goods are all made in-house. Tofu, roasted vegetable & rice, and nachos are all staples of their menu. Hoi Polloi 1100 Galveston Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 412-586-4567


Abay is Pittsburgh's first Ethiopian restaurant and offers a preservative-free vegan menu. Traditional Ethiopian custom dictates that meals are served on platters and shared among diners. Meals are served with rice and traditional whole grain flat bread. According to "Urban Spoon," Abay is ranked as the No. 1 vegan-friendly restaurant in the city of Pittsburgh. Abay 130 S. Highland Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 412-661-9736

Nicky's Thai Kitchen

Nicky's Thai Kitchen specializes in Thai food and has a diverse menu that caters to vegans. They have a Gluten-free portion of the menu as well. Nicky's Thai Kitchen 856 Western Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 412-321-8424

The Zenith

The Zenith is an all-vegetarian café that features a menu that is 90 percent vegan. Tofishy with vegan tartar sauce is Zenith's most popular dish, and it is served all the time. According to, this café doubles as an antique shop and vintage clothing shop. The Zenith 86 S 26th St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203 412-481-4833

Tram's Kitchen

Tram's Kitchen is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant that offers inexpensive food. The menu here is small but offers around five to six vegan options. A popular choice is their vegan version of Vietnam's famous pho soup. Tram's Kitchen 4050 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 412-682-2688

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