Gift Ideas to Say Thank You for Helping

If someone has mowed your lawn, helped you move, babysat, volunteered for a project, cleaned up or done a special favor, you may wish to give a thank you gift to the helper. Consider several gift ideas to say thank you for helping. From store bought to homemade, these thank you gift ideas will help you show your appreciation for another person's time and effort.

Pamper Basket

Purchase an elegant woven basket and line it with a beautiful cloth napkin. Fill the basket with items for pampering. Purchase items such as bubble baths, scented candles, foot scrubs, body lotions and a facial mask. Wrap the basket in clear plastic gift wrap and secure with a beautiful ribbon and a thank you gift tag.

Baked Goodies

Bake cookies, muffins, croissants and cupcakes for your helper. Ask your local bakery if you can purchase a large cake box. Fill the cake box with the baked goodies. Wrap novelty thank you ribbon (found online or in fabric stores) around the cake box.

Certificate of Thanks

Honor your helper with a framed thank you certificate. Go online for free printable thank you certificates or purchase pre-printed certificates from an office supply store, novelty or book store. Frame the certificate in a high-quality 8 l/2 x 11-inch certificate frame. Wrap the frame in a shirt box with tissue paper. Include a note that says, "Hang this thank you certificate on your wall or feel free to replace the certificate with a photo."

Gift Card

Gift cards are ideal thank you gifts because they allow recipients the chance to spend money on themselves. With a gift card, the recipient can feel free to buy something he normally wouldn't buy for himself. Look for "thank you" themed gift cards at your local retail or department store.

Bubbly Bottle

Give your helper a gift of the bubbly stuff as a way to say thank you for helping. Purchase either a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider from your grocery store or liquor retailer. Be sure the bottle has a removable label. Soak the bottle in warm water for a few minutes to remove the label. Allow the bottle to dry then replace the label with your own sticky "thank you" label. The Martha Stewart website project, "Candy Jar," suggests drawing or printing on label sheets to make your own labels.

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