How to Write a Thank You Note for Receiving Money


As holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other days of celebration come and go, gift giving is often an integral part of the festivities. As is customary in many families, recipients of gifts often give acknowledgement of a gift received by writing a thank you note. In situations where a gift is a clearly recognizable contribution, such as a new set of cookware or a television, the thank you note for the gift is easy to write. In situations where gifts are not so easily recognized, such as when money is received, individuals often find it difficult to compose a proper letter of thanks for a gift of cash. In situations such as these, a little thought and preparation easily ensures the ability to craft a thoughtful and heartwarming letter acknowledging the gift and the sincerity in which the gift was received.

Step 1

Write down ideas of how the money will be spent. If the money is going into a savings account or some other vessel of safe keeping, write that down.

Step 2

Spend time looking over the list and determine the most likely application of the money from the list. This is the item you may wish to reference in your letter.

Step 3

Begin writing the letter by addressing the gift giver by name and thanking them for their thoughtful and generous financial gift.

Step 4

Explain the application of the gift. If you are applying the gift toward a particular item, acknowledge the application of the gift toward that goal. If you are saving it for another day by placing the money into a savings account or another avenue of investment, make a reference to this in your letter.

Step 5

End the letter with another brief thank you and sign it with your name.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be courteous in your note regardless of how you really feel about the gift. The idea is to give thanks for the thought, not the gift, even though you are thanking the individual for the gift. It is the thought that you are really thankful for.

Things You'll Need

  • Scratch paper
  • Pen
  • Good-quality paper
  • An envelope
  • Stamps


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