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Saying "thank you" with a thoughtful gift shows that you appreciate the efforts someone has put forth on your behalf. Whether it's an office assistant or a lifelong friend, a thank you gift should reflect the gift recipient's interests and provide her with some enjoyment she may not have splurged on.

Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Nearly everyone loves a food treat and, bearing in mind food limitations such as allergies or sugar-free needs, you can find am appropriate gourmet food gift basket. Snack foods, desserts and even hot sauces are possible choices, and you can put together a combination basket yourself or purchase a prepared food gift basket. Include a gift card with a personal thank you.

Pampering Gifts

A gift of pampering is a thoughtful treat, especially for someone who has helped you move or paint your house, Whether you provide a gift certificate for a massage or a spa day, or a basket filled with home spa treatments, you can pamper your friend no matter what your budget is. Foot treatments, bubble bath, facial masks or massage oils will let him know you appreciate his efforts. Include a card that says something like, "I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Now please take some time out to pamper yourself. You deserve it."

Say it with Flowers

Perfect for a friend with a green thumb, a flowering plant or unusual houseplant is a living treat that says "thank you." It should be something she may not buy for herself, so think exotic and purchase a unique bonsai tree or strange cactus collection in a lovely pot to enhance her home decor. A green plant is also a nice thank-you gift for a coworker--a plant can liven up even the drabbest cubicle.

For a Fisherman or Hunter

Saying "thank you" with a specific sport gift will show your thoughtfulness. Fishermen will appreciate a gift basket of fishing lures or line, and hunters may like hand-warmers for cold weather or scent bait to improve their hunting experience.

For the Busy Person

Whether she's a busy mom or a frenzied businesswoman, a thank you gift that can help her stay organized and calm is a thoughtful idea. Consider putting together a collection of items for organization and enjoyment, such as a day calendar, a personalized pen and notepad or an electronic organizer--and don't forget a packet of gourmet coffee or tea to keep her alert during her long workday.

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